A wonderful mentor recently advised me to write for the job that I wanted. I liked this advice a bit more than the classic “dress for the position you want”, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. Writing anything began to feel like an intense endeavor that would map out the path my life would

#DomainsResist – Building a Protest Archive

What have we learned from the Women’s March? The turnout this weekend for Women’s March 2018 was wonderful to see. Another year, and another moment to express dissatisfaction, disgust, and disagreement with this country’s leadership, particularly in regards to women’s rights. But what have we learned? Marches are great. They show solidarity. They show Who

Troubleshooting the Ultimaker

It’s been quite some time since the first post announcing the arrival of our newest communal 3D printer here at ‘Berg. In the first few weeks of its arrival I put it through a series of tests to make sure calibration was accurate. While it crushed many of these, like the torture test that is

I am still a student

I am still a student. Let me explain… At a recent conference, I had a fellow attendee launch into a brief rant on the laziness of students today during a session on mobile learning in the classroom. He/she then stole a glance my way and said, “you know those young millenial students of course” which I was

Printing Robots

It has finally arrived… The Ultimaker 2+ is installed and operating in the IT/DL Suite! In the past week we have unboxed, calibrated, and printed a few pieces to test out this beaut. The first print, this lovely little robot we fondly refer to as Paul. Paul is approximately 1 inch in height and maybe

Let’s Talk About Women

This post has been a long time coming as I struggled to find the right tone and direction for the anger I felt over the very public silencing of Elizabeth Warren a few weeks back.  As Women’s History month approached and murmurs of the March 8th protest gained momentum, I began to think about why

Recap of All Fall Tech Tuesdays

As the start of the spring semester looms and the next round of Tech Tuesday’s is set to begin on January 24th, we thought it might be nice to recap what we have covered in the past.  Below you will find all blog posts, videos, Lynda.com playlists, and resources that were pulled together for each

3D Modeling in the Classroom

Last #TechTuesday of the semester #3d modeling @jordanmnoyes presenting! pic.twitter.com/SE7T1J1Jet — GOVtown (@GOVtown) December 6, 2016 This week the Digital Learning team graciously invited me to speak at the last Tech Tuesday of the Fall 2016 schedule. For this hour long conversation, I opted to discuss various 3D modeling softwares covering modeling, photogrammetry, and hosting

3D Modeling @ Muhlenberg

  Our last TechTuesday is coming up on December 6th! We hope that you can join us for a conversation about ‘how to’ and ‘why bother’ using 3D modeling in education. The session will be held in Seegers 109-110 from 8:30 to 9:30 with coffee, pastries, great folk, and Play-Doh. That’s right, I said Play-Doh.